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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

One I didn't own but heard and drooled over was a set of large Accustats. I heard two pairs that day, back in the late 70's - the first pair was about 6 ft tall, and they were hybrids. The second pair was 8ft tall and were not. The latter pair was incredible. The salesman turned the lights out in the audition room while playing some pretty lively jazz and I could not find the speakers but I could definitely point to the musicians on the stage. The levels were pretty realistic, with good bass - which was uncharacteristic of electrostatics of the period. I have been searching for that kind of sound reproduction ever since, but have thusfar not encountered it. I would have thought that most of the problems that plagued electrostatics would have been worked out through advances in material science, as well as computer-controlled design and construction.

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I love hearing stories like this. It's what high end is all about. Rediscovering music and truly discovering music for the first time. I've heard this type of story relating to Maggies quite a bit too. Excellent company.

They offer a $300 pair of speakers online only too. If you ever have that friend who has issues not buying "Bose," or "Infinity," or what not these inexpensive Maggies are a good way to get them bit by the audiophile bug.
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