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Default Re: PS3 Conspiracy theory

Originally Posted by kingofgrills View Post
Okay, is this really a "Lotus Super XBox Fanboy" Vs the PS3 thread?

Pathetic. Go dominate the XBox 360 forums over at Gamespot.
Hmmm... I own a PS3 dev kit.

I'm definately not a "fanboy," because I love what the PS3 does better: Physics. and what the 360 does better: AI and graphics. The whole fact that I admit the PS3 does things better than the 360 (and vice versa) makes it impossible for me to by a "fanboy," of either type.

I just don't think GTP5 is going to be that big. Maybe I'm wrong and people cant wait to trade cars online or race for pink slips. I just don't think racing games sell consoles like a shooter does.
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