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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

As a follow-up, while I was also exposed to plenty of McIntosh and JBL systems of the time, never was I prepared for the sound when I moved to Berkeley in '77 and popped into a shop on Telegraph avenue (or was it University?...) and they played a James Taylor LP on Tympani 1Ds powered by 6 ML-2s (3/side, 1/panel). No recollection of the preamp or TT, but I went back several times and kept drooling over it all. Eventually I bought a Grace cartridge (to go in my Technics SP1200 TT) and nearly got thrown out of our apartment, as we surely didn't have the $129 I plunked down.
Five years later I wasn't cured and we went out a bought our first hi-fi together: ML-7 preamp, ML-3 amp, B&W 801Fs, Oracle TT, Sumiko "The Arm" and a moving coil cartridge which I'll never recall, but it was probably made/sold by Sumiko at the time. Wow did we love our system. It was truly synergistic and impressed many.

Now it's years later, systems later, ....
And I may have lost my way, as I rarely get the goose bumps I used to experience back then. Heavy sigh ....
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