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Default Re: I hate being broke

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Unlike KennyT - I am trying to save money. I stayed at the MGM for CES - NOT THE WYNN and saved a boatload. I am trying to cut back on crazy spending in this odd economy BUT BUT BUT....

I want that laptop!!!!!!

Its PERFECT for the way I use it. All for travel thus its lightness is perfect. I don't care that there is no drive. I will rip all of my movies onto a Flash Drive and do it that way. NO PROBLEM.

Chalk up another hit for Jobs!!!

Rip them to flash using what - a tethered USB drive? I have a Firewire based camcorder - and this thing won't properly interface to it. The storage is dismal compared to my existing 17 inch Powerbook. I will wait to see what he does to the rest of the line before I jump. I think it is too much money for not enough computer, and I own only Macs and SGIs...
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