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Default Re: Why Apple hasn't put a bluray or hd-dvd player in their computers

Laugh all you, want - but I am serious. Cost is (possibly) not the issue - Mac users historically pony up more for their computers than PC users do. The combination of capability, flexibility and ease of use for that cost IS the issue (for me at least). Why would I pay more for a Macintosh that DOES LESS than the Macintosh I already have. It has a smaller display, and not as much storage nor as much connectivity as the Mac I have now. I cannot connect my camcorder to it, yet it comes with applications to make Movies and burn them to DVD.... How many of those sub-$400 PCs you refer to having BD burners are laptops.... Eyes rolled in response...

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
Now that's a good laugh...wait - let me take time out to laugh (LOL!!!!!)! Cost being the issue on a Mac!?? When you sell a computer for 2000.00 plus - what would an extra 200 to 400 do to put an HD driver in it - especially when you are supporting Bluray? PC's have BD burners for under 400.00 now - believe me when I say price is not the real issue.

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