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Exclamation Re: Anyone have any experience with Soliloquy

Andrew I have installed and owned Soliloquy 5.3's and 5.0's.When they first came out their fit and finish,along with meeting specs were excellent.They fell on hard times in approx 2002 and subsequently their sound and cabinetry suffered.If you can find a pair that looks well put together and meets your sound expectations you will have a speaker for a long time.Beware,they do have a tendency to sound bright and strident and careful equipt matching is necessary.They used a custom sourced tweeter out of Taiwan in early production and it was very good,after tough times set in,production was sourced to ?The
later models were designed by Phil Jones.6.3,etc and were decent enough,but quickly started suffering from the same problems as the aforementioned when sales didn't match projections and then they started selling direct and then they were Gone!Good luck in finding a good pair
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