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Default Secondary TV room

This is not about the "main" TV room with surround and 60 inch plasma. These questions are about the den where only a 40 or 42 inch without surround is possible due to room and spousal configurations (hey, you choose your battles!) Due to the bright lights from all of the windows, LCD is the best option.
1) What is the best 40-42 inch LCD for mainly watching SD and HD programming with no 1080P DVD player? (Remember, the other room is for the serious movie watching).

2) My viewing distance is 10 feet so do I even bother with a 1080P TV because some have said that after 6 feet your eyes can't tell the difference between 720P and 1080P on a screen this size? Or do I get the best I can and not worry about it?

3) Do any sets upscale regular 480i programming to higher rez or is it garbage in, garbage out?

I get different answers from every place I go so I welcome your input.


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