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Default NEW Sony blu-ray promotion? (5 free movies)

Hi guys, do any of you insiders know if Sony will follow-up with ANOTHER blu-ray promotion after the current one expires on Jan. 31? (blu-ray player must be purchased by Jan.31)

I have decided to go blu-ray and will be buying a PS3, that much is done.

However, I may not make my purchase before the 31st, next week. Hence my curiosity about another blu-ray promotion for 5 free movies at

If nobody has any information, I may rush out and buy my PS3 next week, but I would really prefer to wait for a recurring deal to come back where stores like Bestbuy throw in 1 or 2 free games and/or a free PS3 remote control, more value for my $499 PURCHASE.

I don't want to miss out on 5 free movies if the deal is truly over as of Jan. 31

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