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Default Re: MacBook Air: Hot stuff or Hot Air?

The MacBook Air is an important computer for many reasons however, it's cost purely follows Apple's pricing model; get the early adopters in at a higher premium to qualify proof of concept then slash the price and really sell some SKU's. I would expect the MacBook Air to be substantially lower by year's end if this first run sells out (and it will).

Getting back to why the MacBook is important. It is one of, if not the first, major step towards a 'disc-less' culture. While we all ramble on about HD formats and such Jobs, again is putting his money where his mouth is and saying we're beyond formats and onto just straight content. The fact that the MacBook Air is basically a door to all things Internet and downloads furthers the business plan he already set in motion with iTunes and AppleTV. While any laptop today can essentially do what the MacBook air can do, none are as committed to the rapid on the go lifestyle as it is or committed to the future as it is. Truthfully, minus HD DVD's and Blu-rays I haven't used any sort of disc for any format in weeks.

Flash drives are important to because that's where the market is going and Jobs knows it. Hell, when I shoot commercials and stills it all gets recorded on Flash drives now. The MacBook Air is, again, a product to demonstrate proof of concept surrounding larger scale flash drives.

From a practical standpoint I think the MacBook Air makes absolute sense in a lot of ways beyond its size and weight. Someone said they'd like a bigger screen, well I tend to like my laptops smaller so I don't see a problem with its size. For me the key is going to be due to its thin demeanor will it hold up to stresses and the daily grind for my trusty 12-inch MacBook Pro is a WORKHORSE and will not die. If the MacBook Air can withstand the rigors of my life then I'll invest.
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