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Default Re: Why Apple hasn't put a bluray or hd-dvd player in their computers

Originally Posted by kloneman View Post
Lets get back to the thread topic - My comment on that point is I do not know why Apple doesn't put an HD player in their computers, other than perhaps a cost sensitivity issue. I do know that they provide a means to create HD content in their "iLife" suite for consumers and in their 'Final Cut Studio" product for professionals, and have been doing so for years. They announced early on their support for BluRay, and I for one wish they'd get with the program and install that BD RW disk in their laptops.
Now that's a good laugh...wait - let me take time out to laugh (LOL!!!!!)! Cost being the issue on a Mac!?? When you sell a computer for 2000.00 plus - what would an extra 200 to 400 do to put an HD driver in it - especially when you are supporting Bluray? PC's have BD burners for under 400.00 now - believe me when I say price is not the real issue.
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