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Default Re: MacBook Air: Hot stuff or Hot Air?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Well Steve Jobs has spoken to the Apple army & has give them..............
The MacBook Air & it will sell like hot cakes!


The loaded version doesn't seem to have $1300 more features, I bet the solid state (flash?) is very fast & pretty cool but aren't they really just ultra portables?
Wouldn't the need for an external optical drive kind of make it less portable?

It is something I'm just not seeing?
I can see the benefit of a very small & lightweight laptop for travelers but wouldn't the $299 Asus Eee work for that as well?

Maybe it's just me but I don't see how this is worth $900-$2300 more than my 17" HP laptop.

I know there is some Mac guys here so maybe they could enlighten me.

I could probably qualify for that moniker, but I don't own anything more current than a 17 inch G4 laptop. I believe it to be more hot air, than hot stuff, since I consider it to be too "thin" on features for the price. For the list price, I want a larger screen, an optical drive - preferable BD R/W, and more connectivity options, including FireWire 800, and Gigabit Ethernet, and a media reader. How am I supposed to get my video into it do make those movies, like I do with my old reliable G4????

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