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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST


In going over my notes about what I've read and what I've heard with respect to the Paradigm and Def Tech Mythos speakers.

I usually focus on the center channel speaker first. I have to say that I felt the Paradigm CC690 was better (for me) than the Mythos Ten center speaker. I felt that it had "weight", vocal clarity, bass, dynamics, basically everything I want in a center speaker. With the Mythos Ten, I got most of those traits, but I felt there was a slight "thin-ness" to the sound if that makes any sense. This was just the comparison between these two center speakers.

This is probably a non issue with everyone, but I did like the height of the Mythos ST's over the Paradigm 100's. I liked the fact that the tweeter/midrange was higher because My 60" TV is on a stand that is fairly high. Also, if I get a 2nd pair of Mythos ST's for rears, it will also have the height advantage.

With respect to the surround speakers: when I auditioned the Mythos ST's, of course they did not have an extra demo pair to put as surrounds, but they had a Def Tech BVP something which I didn't really notice or pay attention to. I have no idea how good the ADP590's are because at the Paradigm dealer, there were no surrounds to be hooked up.

For Subs, I have never used a sub for music only listening, so I'm wondering if I need to have the greatest sub available for home theater, since both the Mythos ST's and the Paradigm 100's go pretty low in the bass. Of course, I'd love to have the Servo 15. What a creature that thing is. I just read in Home Theater Magazine about the Monitor Series v5 HT system. They gave it decent marks (Low 90's), but not great marks. They did mention the Ultracube 12 Sub and they measured the -3dB point at 18Hz. Not bad for a $1000 sub. My impression is that this is more a HT sub than a music sub, but that would fit for me.

I want a speaker system that will still be useful and just as good if I were to go with front projection. Right now, it's rear projection, 60" but I have had front projector in the past and want to make sure that whichever of these 2 speaker systems will translate best into that setting.

Also, if I want to go to a 7.1 setup, I'm going to need to figure that out. Apparently, I can only picture the Mythos ST setup with an additional pair for surrounds (Thank you Kenny) but then what would I use for rear centers? I probably have a ton of options for rear center speakers with Paradigm. I just wonder if going with an additional pair of the ADP590's is the way to go or direct radiator, maybe the 20's or maybe something used and not that expensive.

Lastly, I feel that I'm getting a good discount at both the Paradigm and Def Tech dealers. I have not challenged their discount offer or pushed them, but I just wonder if it's worth it. The economy is shaky and I'm sure they'd love to get my business but I don't want to go over the top and seem like I'm trying to lowball them and appear foolish.

I will audition the Mythos STs and Ten speakers again this Saturday and I am choosing that date to make up my mind. Their Ten is wall mounted, but their ST's are out in the room a little bit and it's in a front projector setup and all they had playing was of, of course, "The Fifth Element". I will bring music with me and just do my audio listening for a litle bit. I'm just wondering is there something I should do differently this one last time? whether it be the way I audition or what.

Kenny, I know this sounds silly, but do the boxes that the Mythos ST's come in, are they shaped like a cylinder like the speaker is? Are they packed pretty well in their boxes and also were the Paradigms packed pretty well too?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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