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Default Re: The Perfect Vision is dead!

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I like TAS, more so than Stereophile which sometimes seems way to far out there. I didn't check out TPV that closely this month, will have to look for that but not surprised, I haven't liked the changing focus of the mag towards general gadgetry.
That is interesting kenny. Now, this goes back a little bit, when both TAS and Stereophile were paperback mags, I preferred Stereophile. Easier to read, a fresher perspective. Harry Pearson of TAS drove me crazy with his wildness. First, a review would be glowing. Then in 3 months, the equipment went to hell. Then by the end of the month, that same piece of equipment with a supposedly added tweak, now sounds better than the original review!!!!!!!!

Jerry and myself have had a few discussions about Mr. Pearson, not for me. Its been years since I`ve read TAS, so I do not know about now. And another thing was, that TAS reviewed all that esoteric gear. Fine, but really never reviewed gear that most could afford, even back then, Stereophile made an attempt.
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