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Default Re: Recommendation for a cd player

Well, that does close the gap slightly. However, though we seem to be in a decline with high res cds, sacds and dvd-a`s are still being made. Telarc (mostly hybrid/sacd`s, very good though!!) and Mobile Fidelity are two companies that are right at this moment still producing them.
Both, especially Telarc, do have jazz titles. I`ve purchased from both. In fact, Telarc`s jazz label is Heads Up International. If you go to Telarcs website, and click on Headsup, you will get the complete list of jazz sacds, and be able to sample most of them. And there is a little latin jazz as well.

Back to the cd. My first thought is the Oppo 980 universal player. At under $200.00, its hard to beat, will play just about any disc, and will not break the bank. I think, since you can get a universal player for under $800.00, that is how to go. Then, you will not be limited by any format. Also, I would check our reviews on to help you out.
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