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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot


Daddy's angry. Do you know how freaking insane it is when I have to consult an urban dictionary to decipher the lingo being thrown around on this forum. Years ago a 'fanboy' was a guy hanging outside my local comic shop. Now, I don't know what the difference is between fanboy and fanboi other than to say ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Is this what this topic has come down to? I thought we were past all this. dobyblue is gone people. As for the word bigot, NO, absolutely not. I don't care what the context or 'other' meaning is, to 99% of the rest of the universe the word bigot is inflammatory and unacceptable. Now, since I'm not down with the latest internet lingo I believe that there was not direct ill intent, that being said it appeared that way. I appreciate the somewhat clarifying remarks but come on, this is a slippery slope at best and one I don't EVER want to see traversed on this forum again. Both guilty parties are, in fact, guilty. You know who you are and this is your WARNING. Cross me again and you'll both be looking for other forums to post on.

Seriously guys. It's a disc, that goes in a player and produces a friggin picture. Calm it down a notch.
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