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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I never called you personally a fanboi, I was referring to those who have said things like they would rather HDM die rather than go Blu-Ray or that they will never buy Blu-Ray because they hate Sony, you have claimed to own both formats so I wouldn't think that applied to you.
Believe it or not everything mentioned on this site is not about you.
I didn't think you were calling me a "fanboi," but I stand by thinking that your use of the word "Fanboi," makes you look like a BD Bigot or PS3 Bigot. You obviously took it personally without stopping and thinking about what I politely wrote you:

"Calling others names doesn't help you make your point it makes you look like an uneducated Bigot(paraphrased)." Notice the words I used "LIKE a Bigot." I didn't call you a PS3 Bigot or BD Bigot. I even went on to defend my stance. These people aren't "bad people," they invested in what they could based on many factors that were important to them. Just because you love your PS3 doesn't make the people that picked HD-DVD "fanbois," or "haters," if they're upset about how this "War," is ending.

Calling someone a "Fanboi," is just rude and lacks class. It is the behavior of a PS3 or BD Bigot. What is the old saying? "You can tell a Bigot, but you can't tell him much." Why not the term "Fan boy?" Because "Fanboi," is so much ruder. That's why you used it.

You obviously have a problem with me because I don't bow down & agree with everything you say, perhaps you should start your own forum where you only allow people that think yours is the only opinion that matters.
I have a problem with you calling others names. Just like I have a problem with DaViD calling people FUD spinners if he doesn't like what they're saying. It's rude.

As for my opinions that's exactly what they are, my opinions, while I don't research all the manufactures sites or read every blog that mentions HDM or whatever it is that you do to come up with your opinions I do use common sense & personal observations.
I don't read other forums or sites. I do however read marketing research materials on the subjects because I help invest money in stock. So I read what research groups say about how the consumer feels. I also ask consumers who come to my family's store when I'm there.

Common sense like when I said the Studios care about media sales & you said they only care about hardware sales.
Right and WB pointed out that set top boxes on BD outsold HD-DVD at the end of the year and thus made their decision. That is hardware sales.

I used common sense & you talked to engineers & directors & from the WB decision my common sense was closer than you might have liked to admit.
Not really. The deciding factor was that set top boxes finally had a BD edge to them. That was what did it according to their CEO.

Oh & since I consider your statement about me "makes you sound like an uneducated bigot." to be a direct personal attack I'm reporting your post & hopefully you'll end up wherever Dolbyblue landed.
I'm sure you would enjoy a forum like that.
It does make you sound that way. I'm not sure you know what a bigot is. This isn't meant disrespectfully but I've had people think it meant racist and other nonsense before. So the definition for you:

A person who is religiously attached to a particular computer, language, operating system, editor, or other tool usually found with a specifier."

Like a Linux Bigot or how I was referring to your behavior like a PS3 Bigot.

If you find that to be mean, then please quit calling people "fanbois," and "haters," because it's rude. I had this pointed out to my own behavior earlier when I referred to someone as a BD fan boy. I thought about it and agreed. It's rude and hurts my arguement.

I was only giving you the same FRIENDLY advice.

I have no problem with you Moose, and if you look back through these threads somewhere I already apologized for getting "heated," with you in the past. It was uncalled for and really pointless. We'd likely throw down a few beers together and joke about all kinds of things if we ever met. I meant my statement in a friendly way like when my friends tell me I'm acting like an ass. I said you were acting like something, because I know you're not an uneducated bigot. That make sense?

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