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Default Re: iPhone, or iPhoney?

What's next? I hear Apple is cooking up a finger nail clipper, the iClip, that will cost $199.00 and be avalible in a four clip or eight clip version. Once you exceed your clip quota you'll have to return the iClip to Apple or an Apple store for a "recharge" provided you purchase the service plan for $49.00. But no matter, I hear you can only clip your nails within sight of a Mac store anyway. Although, there are quite a few neat features, mainly the iClip will play iTunes music and can change tracks with each clip. However, you will not be able to import or export any new music via the iClip for it has no useable ports to do so. The iClip comes with a complete library of New Kids on the Block music DRM free for your enjoyment. The iClip also comes with a slightly watered down version of OSX inbedded inside the main shaft, and takes up two clips of your four or eight clip quota to do so. While I'm still awaiting official word at this time, it appears the imbedded OS does absolutely nothing. You can get the iClip in a variety of colors with matching straps for those of you clipping on the go. Oh, and all of your clipping with iClip is done via touch screen with an image of a virtual pair of 'old fashioned' finger nail clippers, how retro. Initial reports state that the iClip's touch screen can only be used with your pinky finger to avoid mishaps or possible mishapen finger or toe nails. At the time of this release Apple has already announced they will be upgrading the iClip later this year with a ten clip version retailing for $299.00.
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