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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Quit calling people names to justify your opinion it makes you sound like an uneducated bigot. Those people are consumers that made the best decision for them based on their income, etc. They aren't "Fanbois," or "Sony Haters," but real people who more than likely couldn't justify spending more money when what they spent may have been too much for them anyway. Your attitude towards these consumers is selfish and spiteful exactly what you blame them of.
I never called you personally a fanboi, I was referring to those who have said things like they would rather HDM die rather than go Blu-Ray or that they will never buy Blu-Ray because they hate Sony, you have claimed to own both formats so I wouldn't think that applied to you.
Believe it or not everything mentioned on this site is not about you.

You obviously have a problem with me because I don't bow down & agree with everything you say, perhaps you should start your own forum where you only allow people that think yours is the only opinion that matters.

As for my opinions that's exactly what they are, my opinions, while I don't research all the manufactures sites or read every blog that mentions HDM or whatever it is that you do to come up with your opinions I do use common sense & personal observations.
Common sense like when I said the Studios care about media sales & you said they only care about hardware sales.
I used common sense & you talked to engineers & directors & from the WB decision my common sense was closer than you might have liked to admit.

Oh & since I consider your statement about me "makes you sound like an uneducated bigot." to be a direct personal attack I'm reporting your post & hopefully you'll end up wherever Dolbyblue landed.
I'm sure you would enjoy a forum like that.
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