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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Consumers aren't P****D, They are letting the studios fight the war for them! Face it, people at forums like this are for the most part the only consumers or "soldiers" in this war, we are in the front lines & many have chosen a side, most people I know that have HDM are not neutral, they have chosen a side.
Except you're wrong. Consumers have been asked what their opinion is. Over 50% said they were "Upset," with the war and the majority said "Yes," when asked if they would prefer it if Studios backed both sides. Why do you think WB was neutral for so long?

HD-DVD backers keep saying two formats can survive because they are afraid of losing & being stuck with obsolete players & media
Where as you and your BD ilk say they want one format and a war because you know you'd "lose" if there was equal support.

& would rather HDM die instead of HD-DVD lose & that's just selfish & spiteful.
Yes that would be if it was true. It however isn't true. The majority may hold ill will towards the BDA but it's because of the WAR they fought not the war the consumers wanted.

The fact is the studios will choose the winner & no amount of whining will change that fact, that's just the way it is, and let's be real here, that's not such a bad thing, consumers chose the inferior VHS format because it was cheaper, the better quality format lost when the consumers chose the winner.
For consumers VHS may have been the right choice. It was less expensive and had the ability to store more data on it. For home use VHS made more sense.

2 formats will kill HDM period, even if all the studios supported both formats people still would still think there was a war & stay away in droves.
This is an uneducated opinion. What makes you think that? All consumers want to hear is that there will be support no matter which side they choose. If they're given that security they will buy. Anyone who says 2 formats can't survive is ignoring the past 100 years of the global marketplace.

The 2 format thing worked out really well for DVD-A & SACD didn't it.
Not a good example at all. That was another format war where lack of universal support was the killer.

VHS thrived after winning the war even though it wasn't the best format, HDM will have at least a chance to thrive if the war is ended soon, so all the HD-DVD fanbois & Sony haters that think Blu-Ray doesn't deserve to win for whatever reason feel free to go & wait for your compressed downloads with DD audio, the rest of us will enjoy 1080p & lossless audio.
Quit calling people names to justify your opinion it makes you sound like an uneducated bigot. Those people are consumers that made the best decision for them based on their income, etc. They aren't "Fanbois," or "Sony Haters," but real people who more than likely couldn't justify spending more money when what they spent may have been too much for them anyway. Your attitude towards these consumers is selfish and spiteful exactly what you blame them of.
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