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Friday, 30 January 2009 ,  Written by Todd Daugherty
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The (2008)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is indeed one of the more curious films of 2008. Released on Christmas Day, it is adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1921 short story of the same name, and written by Forrest Gump screenwriter Eric Roth. It tells the tale of Benjamin Button (voiced and played in part by Brad Pitt), a man who is born with a reverse-aging condition. It follows the trials and tribulations of his life that come together to make a gift of a story that director David Fincher delivers in a way that truly strikes the viewer's curiosity.The film wastes no time getting into the swing of things by foregoing anything resembling a traditional opening credits sequence. It starts out with an elderly woman in her last moments of life in a southern Louisiana hospital in the year 2005 ...
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Thursday, 29 January 2009 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
Wrestler, The (2008)
There is a time in our lives when we feel we're invincible. We've got so much life ahead of us that we're free to think about ourselves and only ourselves. But what happens when we pass that point? What happens when the truth of our own mortality punches us in the face, delivering that wake-up call from which we cannot escape? Such are the questions asked by Darren Aronofsky's astounding new film, The Wrestler. But unlike The Fountain, his sci-fi epic starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, or Requiem For A Dream, his 2000 anti-drug fest, The Wrestler does not trade in towering statements. No, here the dreamers and scientists have been brought down to earth. To New Jersey, in point of fact. Mickey Rourke plays Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a once-great wrestling star, now duking it out for ...
Editor's rating: 
Thursday, 29 January 2009 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), a slumdog from the streets of Mumbai, is currently one question away from winning the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He has one lifeline left and he’s using it to call his brother, Salim (Madhur Mittal), the only number in the world that he knows. But instead his old traveling companion and object of desire, Latika (Freida Pinto) picks up. Earlier that day, Jamal was being interrogated by the police, suspected of fraud for getting so far on the show. After all, how could a kid from the slums of India know so much, when doctors, lawyers, and other learned people couldn’t? Slumdog Millionaire has been this year’s feel good hit, with the film primed to win every major award Hollywood is capable of giving out. I have not heard a single bad thing about ...
Editor's rating: 
Thursday, 29 January 2009 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
OK, I’ll admit it. I like the Underworld series. There’s something about vampire women in tight leather fighting and loving werewolves that I find satisfying. And Len Wiseman’s stylish (if derivative) gothic world was just interesting enough to keep me coming back for not one, but two sequels. Well, one sequel and a prequel. Sadly, and I really never thought I’d say this, Len Wiseman’s absence is the big failure of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, the latest release in the series. As detailed in the first film, werewolves (known as Lycans) and vampires are something like cousins, but they hate each other and each is fighting for dominance (of what is never established). The werewolves are led by Lucien (Michael Sheen), a powerful Lycan and master strategist. The vampires have a trio of elders that rule the covens, but by far the most powerful and ...
Editor's rating: 
Thursday, 29 January 2009 ,  Written by Daniel Hirshleifer
Frost / Nixon (2008)
It was the unlikeliest of scenarios: a British talk show host, David Frost (Michael Sheen), was gearing up to interview disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon (Frank Langella). None of the networks wanted a part of it, but Frost, ever determined, backed the project with his own money, and that of friends and smaller investors. Despite a decent team of investigators, it at first looked like Frost was going to throw softballs Nixon’s way. The entire success of the project depended upon Frost getting Nixon to own up to his culpability in the Watergate scandal. Would Frost be able to break through Nixon’s defenses, his many years of political savvy being brought to bear in a series of four interviews? Would he make history or simply be a footnote? Frost/Nixon, director Ron Howard’s dramatization of those events, is a simple film. The title alone ...
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