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Sunday, 01 July 2007 |  Written by Scott Yanow  | 
Kurt Elling - Nightmoves format:    16-bit CD performance:    6 sound:    7 released:    2007 label:    Concord reviewer:    Scott Yanow The leading male jazz singer of the past decade, Kurt Elling is at the head of a small field that includes Mark Murphy (his main influence), Jon Hendricks, Bob Dorough and a variety of veteran blues shouters and young crooners. Elling at 39 has unlimited potential. Unlike other jazz singers who are content to sing old vocalese classics such as “Moody’s Mood For Love” and “Parker’s Mood,” Elling writes new vocalese, composing words to fit the notes improvised and recorded by jazz instrumentalists. In addition, he is quite skilled and witty in improvising words and stories onstage, his scatting is inventive and he puts plenty of feeling into his interpretations of lyrics. He has also incorporated poetry and spoken word into his performances along with often offbeat renditions of jazz standards. Rarely shy ...
Sunday, 01 July 2007 |  Written by Matt Fink  | 
Jesse Malin - Glitter in the Gutter format:    16-bit CD performance:    2 sound:    4 released:    2007 label:    Sony reviewer:    Matt Fink As much as I love Bob Dylan and will readily acknowledge his incalculable contribution to the craft of songwriting and the American identity, he is the Big Bang that created more bad music than any other artist in the rock canon. He might not have invented the guise of the guitar-strumming troubadour, rolling from town to town baring his soul and shining light on the truth, but the multitude of songwriters who have followed him down the path toward heart-on-sleeve earnestness and instant integrity by simply opening their journals and singing through their noses makes for a truly mixed legacy. The problem is, being a troubadour isn’t easy, as very few songwriters have the ability to both view their personal experiences through the context of humanity’s greater struggle and retain a distinct ...
Sunday, 01 July 2007 |  Written by K L Poore  | 
Genesis - Trick of the Tail format:    16-bit CD/SACD/DTS & Dolby Digital 5.1 DVD performance:    9 sound:    10 released:    2007 label:    Charisma/Virgin reviewer:    K L Poore When I heard that Genesis was re-mastering and re-releasing much of their post-Peter Gabriel work in multi-format packages, I felt like a kid again. I prowled around what’s left of the big music retailers waiting for their single copy of Trick of the Tail (Deluxe) to be placed on the shelf. I visited the Virgin Megastore where a computer system that seemed to run on coal couldn’t tell me if they were even going to get one. I went to something called FYE, where the employee knew so little about music I would have had a better chance of ordering a burger. My conversation with the FYE “music expert” went something like this. “Hi, are you getting the re-master of Genesis’ Trick of the Tail in?” ...
Sunday, 01 July 2007 |  Written by Matt Fink  | 
Elliott Smith - New Moon format:    16-bit CD performance:    7 sound:    6 released:    2007 label:    Kill Rock Stars reviewer:    Matt Fink As much as I’ve enjoyed picking over every posthumously released sneeze, cough and hum that Johnny Cash, Tupac Shakur and Kurt Cobain left behind before they exited this Earth, at a certain point you have to stop and wonder if we’re distorting their legacies through our obsessive need to have documentation of our heroes’ every last waking moment. I mean, I’m as curious as the next guy about undiscovered gems that could be waiting in lost reels of tape, but it seems that we’re awarding a disproportionate amount of attention to recordings that were unfinished, inessential, and otherwise not intended for official release by their creators. Though it’s reassuring to think that our favorite artists will be granted an odd immortality through these continuous streams of new releases, in most ...
Sunday, 01 July 2007 |  Written by Charles Andrews  | 
Various Artists - Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur format:    Downloads/16-bit CDs (2) performance:    7.07 sound:    7.5 released:    2007 label:    Warner Bros. reviewer:    Charles Andrews Before I get too deep into this, allow me step up onto my soapbox, clear my throat and speak for those who have no voice. Buy this album. It’s 20 bills for the 34-song download, 14-15-maybe-17 bucks for the 23-cut two-disc set (both very reasonable), containing many outstanding songs, lots you’re familiar with, written by half of the greatest songwriting team ever, performed by an impressive roster of mostly outstanding artists. Listen to this collection a few times and many of the songs that didn’t grab you on first listen will begin to reveal their worth. You may even fall in love with it. I think I am. (Blame the relatively low “Performance” score above on averaging, and Avril.) I wouldn’t advocate buying a crappy album no matter what its good intentions ...
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