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Tuesday, 08 July 1997 |  Written by Jerry Del Colliano  | 
Miles Davis and Milt Jackson - Quintet/Sextet With The All Star Quintet, DCC Jazz Performance 8.5 Sound 7 I always wonder how many more of these Miles Davis CDs I can buy? Each effort from this jazzy renaissance man's career captures a different, distinctive vibe. This effort, recorded in 1955 (in mono) captures Miles and the legendary Milt Jackson on vibes along with a talented sextet including Ray Bryant on Piano, Jacky McLean on Alto, Percy Heath on Bass and Arthur Taylor on Drums. The musical textures transcend the monaural recording to take you far away from wherever you are.
Tuesday, 01 July 1997 |  Written by Jerry Del Colliano  | 
Prodigy - Fat of the Land Fat of the Land, Maverick Records | Performance 7 | Sound 6 | Eccentric would be one way to describe them. Neurotic would be another. Prodigy is a techno, hip hop and pseudo rap train wreck that has thousands of people intrigued including Madonna, who signed the group on her Maverick Records.
Tuesday, 01 July 1997 |  Written by Jason Karsh  | 
John Lydon - Psycho's Path Psycho's Path Dreamworks Records | Performance 4 | Sound 4.5 | The aptly titled 'Filthy Lucre' tour not withstanding, it's been years since Johnny Lydon shed the shackles of the Sex Pistol's and the undying legend of Sid Vicious, and after all this time there's always been one thing the world has loved about him. His anger. Even before he and Public Image Limited coined the phrase, we knew that `anger is an energy' just because we heard his voice. It was the voice and anger of someone fueling the fire of the punk revolution. Compiled over the past year or so, "Psycho's Path" is Lydon's first real solo attempt. And 'attempt' is really the only way to name this album. The trend in this world seems to be that everybody mellows with age, but for some reason we hoped Johnny would be impervious to this trend as he was to all others. Unfortunately what ...
Tuesday, 01 July 1997 |  Written by Jason Karsh  | 
The Geraldine Fibbers - Butch Butch Virgin Records | Performance 3 | Sound 4 | All right, I'll admit it, I don't get this band. I don't have a clue as to what they're trying to do. At least I'm honest. They've got a country/folk/rock/punk melting pot going on here within 'Butch' and, honestly, I think this broth may not have simmered long enough because it just doesn't taste done yet. If they were going for punk, I'd much rather have reached for my trusty Sex Pistols disc. Folky rock, I'd have probably pulled Ben Harper off the shelf. Country . . . well, if it was country I'd have probably gone to lunch.
Tuesday, 24 June 1997 |  Written by Jason Karsh  | 
Wyclef Jean - Presents the Carnival Featuring the Refugee Allstars artist: Wyclef Jean album: The Carnival format: CD, label: Ruffhouse/Columbia Records performance: 8 sound 8.5 reviewed by: Jason Karsh All right, we admit it, this album's been out for months and we're just now getting with it. The rap--no pun intended--on Wyclef has always been that he's been carried by The Fugees' Lauryn Hill, 'the only real rapper' in the group who 'carried them to their success.' So pervasive was this idea that there has even been a public outcry for her to ditch the trio and go solo. Still, she said it would never happen, the group said it would never happen, and they provided a united front. True to those roots, even as Wyclef goes semi-solo there are no known plans for a break-up and Fugee brethren Hill and Parkazrel 'Pras' Michel are the co-executive producers of this album. An album which thankfully never sets out to prove that Wyclef is a great rapper.
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