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Tuesday, 01 February 2005 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
PurePower APS 1050 Power Solution
Introduction The subject of power correction products has come a long way in a very short time. Just a few years back, consumers didn’t want to hear about AC-related issues, as these were perceived as snake oil, just another way for an already overly esoteric industry to bilk us out of more dough with fears of otherwise reduced performance. However, a select core of enthusiasts recognized that the performance of audio systems was improved in the late evening as the demand on local power decreased. It was discovered that the power products from a select few manufacturers could indeed provide this late evening nirvana at any time during the day. More recently, this product class has hit the mainstream, as consumers soon realized that these products would also improve video quality. With the massive increase in popularity of home theaters over the last few years, everyone from movie enthusiasts to gaming nuts is in the ...
Monday, 01 November 2004 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Panasonic TC-32LX20 LCD HDTV
Introduction There was a time in many of our youths that the concept of a television hanging on the wall like a picture was about as distant as civilian space travel. Although space tourism is still a few years away (though now in sight, thanks to recent advances by Richard Branson’s enterprises), flat televisions are here today and are living up to their long-awaited expectations. Initially, these flat televisions were immensely expensive and were surrounded by concerns about reliability and longevity. Today, they’re in every AV retail store and are becoming affordable to the average consumer. There is still much debate over which technology is best (LCD vs. plasma), but both come with the ability to hang on your wall, thus freeing up ultra-valuable floor space and adding endless options for integrating AV into your living spaces. The Panasonic TC-32LX20 is a HD-compatible, 32-inch LCD-based flatscreen display that boasts skinny five-and one-half-inch thickness and retails for $3,499, ...
Monday, 01 November 2004 ,  Written by Mark Waldrep, Ph.D.
AV Education on RHT Part II: All About The Making of a DVD-Audio Disc Written by Mark Waldrep, Ph.D. Beyond The Music As I mentioned in the previous installment, the DVD-Audio format is the only high-resolution, multi-channel consumer audio format that can contain media other than audio. That distinction is one of the primary reasons why AIX Records will never release an SACD. I’m a strong advocate of providing consumers with the richest multimedia experience available and have thought so from the outset of the DVD-Video format seven years ago. (Remember when DVD-Videos discs didn’t have any bonus features?) It’s true that the Internet can outperform optical disc media for sheer volume of media, but the quality of both the audio and video do not yet approach that of disc-based media. Just wait until large numbers of consumers get hooked on high-definition video – the gulf between the Internet and disc-based delivery may get even ...
Friday, 01 October 2004 ,  Written by Mark Waldrep, Ph.D.
AV Education on RHT Part I: All About The Making of a DVD-Audio Disc Written by Mark Waldrep, Ph.D. Background Readers of online publications like Audio Video Revolution often read reviews and comments regarding new releases on both SACD and DVD-Audio, the new multi-channel, high-resolution audio formats. There’s always the obligatory listing of tracks and a discussion of the sonic quality of each title and a breakdown of the features included on each disc, but rarely do consumers get details on the production procedures and challenges that go into producing a title in these new formats. It might be nice to know the recording process involved (analog vs. digital stages), the number of mixing choices made during a production and the depth of bonus materials that will be included on a disc. Well, as the producer of many DVD-Audio titles for my own audiophile label, AIX Records, and owner of a production facility that services ...
Friday, 01 October 2004 ,  Written by Matthew Evert
Panasonic PT-L500U LCD Video Projector
Introduction Years ago, as home theaters were sprouting up around in homes across the globe, options for dramatic video were few. Of course there were enormous big-screen rear-projected TVs and tube sets up to 40 inches, but anything better and larger was for the mega-rich. Nowadays, there are dozens of options for those of us without a license plate frame proclaiming, “My Other Car is a Ferrari.” Many are going towards the plasma and LCD flat screens for their size and utter coolness, yet for many who want the real theater experience, anything short of 100 inches is too small and as boring as a Kenny G concert. With projectors ranging from $1,000 to a staggering $70,000 and more, the big question is how much do you need to spend on high-quality projection to get a satisfying picture? The Panasonic PT-L500U LCD Projector is an HD-capable display and retails for $2,499, making it competitive with ...
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