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Monday, 01 August 2005 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Polk Audio Monitor Series 5.1 Speaker System
Introduction In the world of affordable to moderately-priced speaker systems, there are dozens of major players, yet few have a more recognizable name and longstanding reputation for quality sound than does Polk Audio. The reason for this is simple. Polk has been producing great-sounding speakers for better than three decades. You will find Polk speakers in the largest retailers around the world, with a speaker in practically every price class they carry. The review package consists of two Monitor 60s, a four-way floor-standing speaker that I used for the front left and right speaker positions, the Polk CS1 center channel speaker, a pair of Monitor 30s, two-way shelf or stand-mounted speakers that were positioned as surround monitors and the PSW10 subwoofer. This 5.1 package is available in either black or cherry wood grain finishes and sells for $1,330. The Monitor 60 is a floor-standing speaker that measures 37.5 inches tall, seven inches wide, 13-and-one-quarter inches deep ...
Wednesday, 01 June 2005 ,  Written by Christopher Zell, Ph.D.
Paradigm Signature S8 Series Home Theater System
Introduction Paradigm, as well as their sister electronics arm Anthem, has long been known for producing components that provide high-end sound at relatively affordable prices. Until fairly recently, Paradigm has offered value-oriented products, such as the excellent Atoms at under $200 per pair, up through the Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v.3 floor-standing loudspeakers that favorably impressed me during my 2004 review. In the tradition of Anthem and their new Statement Electronics, Paradigm has taken on the risky and bold challenge of entering the ultra-high end loudspeaker arena. I was very enthusiastic when, a few months ago, I received a large pallet at my doorstep containing a full Paradigm Signature 5.1 home theater loudspeaker. This included the top-of-the-line Signature S8 main loudspeakers ($6000 per pair), a Signature C5 center channel ($2800), two Signature ADP surrounds ($2300 per pair) and, finally, a Signature Servo subwoofer ($3200). Description The drivers utilized across the Signature series are very similar to each other ...
Tuesday, 01 March 2005 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
AV Education on RHT Protecting Your Software Collection Written by Jerry Del Colliano Introduction With consumers flocking to all sorts of new server-based storage systems, ranging from Apple iPods to Media Center PCs to video servers like Kaliedescape’s $27,000 system, one truth remains: we still need to find a good storage solution for our physical CDs and DVDs. While some throw caution to the wind and simply trade in their discs as soon as they get a new server, those end users are playing a high stakes game of poker. Anyone who has seen a hard drive fail or a record company sue a consumer knows it is best to keep those discs as a backup in the event that someday you will need them. From the early days of the compact disc, consumers were told that CDs and DVDs are virtually indestructible. I think the marketing line was “perfect sound forever.” The truth is that ...
Tuesday, 01 March 2005 ,  Written by Matthew Evert
Polk Audio XRT12 XM Satellite Radio Tuner
Introduction Satellite television has been at the epicenter of the home theater boom for more than a decade and now enjoys over 20,000,000 subscribers between the two major services. Satellite radio is banking on following in DirecTV and Dish Network’s path. Anyone who watches Wall Street or has been to a car dealer lately now knows XM and Sirius are the two primary players in the satellite radio market. XM reports having over three million subscribers. Sirius recently topped one million. Many car radios support one of the two satellite radio services, if not both. Portable XM radio players, as small as the size of a deck of cards, are available to consumers at all sorts of mass market consumer electronics locations. With the unquestioned boom in satellite radio, the consumers who have been forgotten are the serious audio enthusiasts. Until now. Polk Audio has been a lauded brand name in home and ...
Tuesday, 01 February 2005 ,  Written by Thomas Garcia
PSB Platinum Ovation Theater System Plus
Introduction PSB, established in 1971 by founder and chief designer Paul Barton, has earned a reputation for manufacturing loudspeakers that offer outstanding performance while incorporating effective cost engineering as a design priority. Thorough in execution, slow in change, their Stratus Gold (and subsequent “Gold-i” improved version) stood as PSB’s reference loudspeaker for an unprecedented time, garnishing praise and accolades from both consumers and press alike. But like all technologies, new advancements in the industry inspired Mr. Barton to put his decades of experience to work. The goal was to start from scratch, creating a statement loudspeaker line for the new millennium, designated as the Platinum Series. PSB employed comprehensive computer design and sophisticated measurement techniques during the blueprinting of the Platinum loudspeakers, including laser vibrometry and Finite Element Analysis for driver and cabinet design. With extensive use of the world-renowned Canadian National Research Council facilities, PSB conducted extensive loudspeaker measurements and double-blind listening tests to achieve their uncompromising ...
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