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Monday, 01 October 2001 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Linn Sondek CD12 CD Player
Introduction For many years I have found the pursuit of perfect musical reproduction to be equally a passion and a challenge. My love of music started very young, as did the understanding that music reproduced accurately provided a vastly greater musical experience. As a child, I was enchanted by the family stereo system, which at the time was one of the better systems on the block. By the time I was 14, I had convinced my parents to co-sign a loan for my very own system from a local high-end retailer, all in pursuit of my drug of choice – music. The only difference today is that there are many more choices and looming format wars that years ago were outside our wildest dreams. In the end, there is one constant that has not changed, which is the reason that we all have music playback systems – we want to get as close ...
Friday, 01 December 2000 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Lansonic DAS-750 Digital Audio Server
Introduction Lansonic™, a division of Digital Voice Systems, Inc. (DVSI), a leader in the field of voice compression, has introduced the first unit in what may be a brand-new product category. The DAS-750 Digital Audio Server is a high-performance audio product that stores and plays music files, decoding all the standard MP1/MP2/MP3 compression rates, ranging from 32 kbps to 448 kbps (kilo bits per second), as well as uncompressed WAV files. Depending on the configuration, the unit ranges in price from $695 to $ 2,595. Unlike a PC that emits high levels of hum, noise and heat, the DAS-750 is far better suited for storing and playing a wide range of music files, since it employs 20-bit crystal A-to-D and D-to-A converters. Analog output is measured at 96 dB SNR from 0-22 kHz, which is considerably better than the typical computer soundcard. The DAS unit also contains a programmable 40-bit Digital Signal Processor to ...
Tuesday, 01 August 2000 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Linn Classik CD Player
Introduction Famed British manufacturer Linn, well known and respected for their extremely high-performance audio components such as the legendary LP 12 turntable and the ($135,000 plus) Keltik active system, has created perhaps the first true high-end all-in-one music playback system. The compact and sleek Classik ($1950 or $1995, depending on which of five colors is chosen) combines a tuner, CD player and amplifier into a small (H 80 x W 320 x D325 mm) metal chassis. It looks and sounds right as much at home in your main listening room as it would on a bookshelf or desk in an office or den. Loudspeakers are not prepackaged with the Classik. However, the Linn Tukans ($800 to 850) are frequently used with the Classik to create a complete music playback system, priced at $2,800. The amplifier section delivers an impressive 75 watts a side, far more than any other self-contained unit. The preamplifier supplies three line level ...
Friday, 01 January 1999 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Lexicon 700t Touchscreen Remote
Introduction The 700t is a programmable, touch screen remote control designed to provide wireless control of audio, video and automation systems. Like other universal or learning remotes, the 700t consolidates functions from several independent infrared remote units. Incorporating a customized graphical user interface (GUI), the 700t provides a simple and intuitive solution to controlling large home theater systems. To program the 700t, it is necessary to use the proprietary LexiDRAW, a Windows-based software program. Programming LexiDRAW (version 3.0 or later) runs on a PC with Windows 3.11, Windows '95 and the upcoming Windows '98. While the software isn't expensive ($45.00 or free off Lexicon's web site) the learning curve may likely prohibit the average user from programming their own 700t. While you could never accuse anyone at the Audio Revolution of being afraid to learn a new software program, we are all Macintosh-based and were forced to call in the cavalry. However, Lexicon graciously arranged for one of ...
Wednesday, 01 October 1997 ,  Written by Kim Wilson
Lexicon DC-1 AV Preamplifier/Processor
Introduction The DC-1 is the flagship digital controller from Lexicon, a long time leader in digital processing technology. It is a combination preamplifier, A/V switcher, D-to-A converter (24-bit Delta Sigma) and digital processor whose design makes it possible to come in a variety of configurations. A fully loaded DC-1 incorporates Dolby Digital, DTS and THX processes. The DC-1 continues to provide Pro Logic along with other surround processes for videotapes, TV programming and other source materials without DTS or Dolby Digital encoding. Several DSP (digital signal processing) modes are provided for adding ambience to stereo and monaural sources. All signal processing, including filters, EQ and crossovers, are performed in the digital domain. The DC-1 also employs Lexicon's patented Logic 7 technology, which takes as low as a two-channel signal and digitally processes it to produce a discreet, multi-channel, full bandwidth surround signal. Logic 7 is included on many of the DC-1's surround parameters and can be enjoyed by listeners ...
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