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Friday, 01 April 2005 ,  Written by Bryan Dailey
Dish Network 921 HD Satellite Receiver/DVR
Introduction After owning my new 61-inch rear-projection HDTV for about 30 minutes, I started jonesing hard for a High Definition PVR. When I finally made the move to HD, tacking on a few thousand dollars for the set and a extra few bucks to my monthly satellite bill, I somehow had justified in my mind that I could just live with my standard definition TiVo running into my TV and that someday later, I would own an HD PVR. That “someday” came about a week later for me. I called up Dish Network to inquire about the cost of their 921 receiver and, much to my chagrin, it was in the $1,000 range, priced comparably with their HD TiVo competition from DirecTV. (Note: The 921 is currently priced at $549 according to Dish Network.) This price point is a barrier to entry for most home theater enthusiasts, but it just so happens that ...
Tuesday, 01 February 2005 ,  Written by Mike Levy
AV Education on RHT Darkness: A Theater's Best Friend Written by Michael Levy As a child, Sundays were frequently spent at the local Lowe’s Paradise Theater. It truly was a paradise for me. How little I knew back then that I was watching a medium at the height of its glory. The screen was huge and often opened into panoramic width. There were dimly lit stars on the ceiling, feigning a midnight sky as I watched the stars on the screen. Everything was dark maroon. The seats and the walls were velvet. The only lights during movies were dimly lit guides to your seat on the floor. My first memories of it were from when I was very young. I was small enough to sink into the plush seat and in love with movies enough to be lost in the new world on the screen projected through the darkness. Yes, darkness, an important ...
Monday, 01 November 2004 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
DirecTV HR10-250 HD DVR
Introduction In a recent poll conducted as a part of an Audio Video Revolution sweepstakes, a question was asked to the nearly 20,000 respondents as to what AV product they are planning on buying next within the next six months. We asked a very similar question in 2003: for a resounding majority, the answer was an HDTV set. In 2004, the most likely purchase was an HD-DVR (or TiVo). This new AV component category led all others, including HD sets themselves, with 28 percent of our readers saying this would be their next purchase. To say HD-DVR is a scorching hot new category of gear is to understate its importance. To not mention how bad and overpriced the category of HDTV tuners have been since the early adopters started dialing into HDTV would be to forget an important piece of recent AV history. Up until now, nearly every HDTV receiver has been practically pathetic in ...
Sunday, 01 August 2004 ,  Written by Tim Hart
Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference Subwoofer
Introduction There’s nothing more satisfying while watching a movie or listening to music than deep, bone-shaking bass. While surround sound in the home has given us a magical experience of movie-watching in our living rooms or home theaters, a lot of home set-ups tend to ignore the lower frequencies, the argument being that as long as it booms and fits in the living space, what more could be achieved? Then came alternatives. High-performance mini-cube subwoofers garnered acclaim by producing a better sound than the subwoofers that come in pre-packaged systems and it didn’t intrude on the décor. People were amazed at what these diminutive cubes could produce, with their long excursion drivers and high-powered amplification. Seemingly, the quest for a home friendly subwoofer had ended. But as impressive as the performance of the space-saving miracles are, they don’t generate the sound pressure levels and true lower frequencies that their bigger cousins produce. In order to get ...
Thursday, 01 July 2004 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Definitive Technology 7002 Bipolar Super Towers Loudspeakers
Introduction As much as you love speakers and all the lust-worthy toys that go along with them, one thing you are glad you don’t do for a living is running a start-up speaker company. With names like Infinity, Bose and Boston Acoustics gracing the interiors of some of the finer automobiles and taking out many big-dollar ads in magazines and newspapers, the task of competing in the loudspeaker market has become nearly impossible – actually, it has been that way for more than 20 years. I say “nearly” impossible because one man, Sandy Gross, has been at the head of launching two speaker companies – Polk and Definitive Technology – that have not only made it but prospered. Definitive Technology, Gross’ current company makes some of the sleekest, most powerful speakers designed for home theater systems. Have they sold their souls to the Devil to be able to rock Axis’ Bold as Love in ...
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