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Monday, 01 November 2004 ,  Written by Matthew Evert
MartinLogan Montage Loudspeakers
Introduction As you decide to make the transition into the higher-end realm of speakers, MartinLogan is a company that needs to be strongly considered. Widely heralded for their lust-worthy line of hybrid electrostatic speakers, MartinLogan has a well deserved reputation for excellence. The price of excellence has traditionally been steep, with their lowest-cost hybrid electrostatic model speaker, the Clarity, retailing for $2,700 per pair. This has all changed with the new MartinLogan Montage. Based on a speaker technology targeted to the price-conscious customer, the Montage is considerably more affordable at $1,495 a pair. The Montage is beautifully styled and, like all MartinLogans, is an attention-grabber in any room. Each Montage measures 38 inches tall, nine-and-one-half inches wide, 11-and-one-half inches deep and weighs a svelte 30 pounds. The cabinetry features an attractive half-elliptical shaped wood cabinet. Most traditional speakers in this class are still the boxy rectangle cabinets, yet the Montage has a style that is engaging. The nicely ...
Thursday, 01 July 2004 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Definitive Technology 7002 Bipolar Super Towers Loudspeakers
Introduction As much as you love speakers and all the lust-worthy toys that go along with them, one thing you are glad you don’t do for a living is running a start-up speaker company. With names like Infinity, Bose and Boston Acoustics gracing the interiors of some of the finer automobiles and taking out many big-dollar ads in magazines and newspapers, the task of competing in the loudspeaker market has become nearly impossible – actually, it has been that way for more than 20 years. I say “nearly” impossible because one man, Sandy Gross, has been at the head of launching two speaker companies – Polk and Definitive Technology – that have not only made it but prospered. Definitive Technology, Gross’ current company makes some of the sleekest, most powerful speakers designed for home theater systems. Have they sold their souls to the Devil to be able to rock Axis’ Bold as Love in ...
Thursday, 01 July 2004 ,  Written by Brian Kahn
RBH T-2P Loudspeakers
Introduction It’s been about three years since I last had some RBH speakers in one of my review systems and I hadn’t realized how much I missed their sound until I cracked open the crates for the company’s best speakers. I was fortunate to be slated to review RBH’s reference-grade giants, the T-2P ($9,295 per pair) loudspeakers for review. These massive speakers, while not the largest speakers sold by RBH, are definitely a statement piece whose size and stunning appearance is sure to attract attention from audiophiles and non-audiophiles alike. The RBH speakers are probably best known for their use of aluminum drivers. This tradition is kept in place with the T-2P system, which utilizes two 10-inch woofers, and four six-and-a-half-inch midranges per side, in addition to three one-inch silk dome tweeters for a total of nine drivers per side. Each T-2 speaker is comprised of a T1 midrange tweeter cabinet staked on top of a ...
Tuesday, 01 June 2004 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Bowers & Wilkins 703 Loudspeakers
Introduction There are few audio companies that carry a brand equal to that of B&W. For many years Bowers and Wilkins, a British speaker manufacturer better known as B&W, have produced speakers that are argued to be at the top of each price class they compete in. Over a decade ago, the B&W Matrix 801s dominated the over $10,000 class with a speaker that was referenced by many professionals in the industry. After 801s came the futuristic yet functional Nautilus speakers. This $40,000-plus speaker looked radically different than anything consumers had ever seen. Sonically, the Nautilus was a masterpiece that employed technology meant to reduce internal resonances. This technology had precisely measured and formed tapering tubes with a conch-like shell form on the bottom. Much like Acura did with their flagship NSX sports car, the Nautilus line of speakers trickled down cutting-edge speaker technology to price categories that everyday music and movie enthusiasts could afford. The ...
Tuesday, 01 June 2004 ,  Written by Ben Shyman
Morel Octwin 5.2M Loudspeakers
Introduction Founded in Israel during the mid-1970s, Morel is very well known for manufacturing ultra-high quality drivers for other loudspeaker manufacturers. Their physical transducers are found in loudspeakers manufactured all over the world, including many award-winning models. While some audio enthusiasts have never heard of Morel as a driver manufacturer, they undoubtedly have heard Morel speakers as part of another speaker system. Now aggressively marketing specialty home and car speakers in the U.S. and around the world, Morel produces more than just raw drivers; they manufacture top-notch loudspeakers that range from truly affordable systems that compete with the likes of Bose, Energy Definitive Technology and Paradigm, as well as higher-end systems that run with a more snooty, high-priced crowd like Revel, B&W and Wilson. Morel’s Octwin 5.2M loudspeakers are in a class of products that Morel calls Music Deco, which targets listening connoisseurs who also seek edgy, modern aesthetics. The Octwin 5.2M loudspeaker system consists of two Octave ...
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