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Thursday, 01 May 2003 ,  Written by Bob Hodas
AV Education on RHT: Bob Hodas on Proper Speaker Placement May 2003 Introduction When the esteemed editor of, Bryan Southard, contacted me to write an ongoing column on acoustic advice for home audio systems for, I replied, "No problem, I've analyzed more consumer level systems than I can remember." Southard then added in the challenge of writing my column from the perspective of a “do-it-yourselfer” who has made some significant investments in his gear but is tired of hearing that he needs to constantly invest more in gear to get better sound. We all know your room and your system setup is essential to the overall success of your sonics. In many cases, it is more than the gear you have purchased. In a world where there are very few rules of thumb, in my upcoming features, I'm going to give you my professional guidance in solving some of your system problems on your ...
Thursday, 01 May 2003 ,  Written by Bob Hodas
AV Education on RHT Sound Tips 3 By Bob Hodas Very few of us have the luxury of a dedicated room in which to put our speakers. In most cases, we are squeezing them into a space that is too small or have to deal with a living or family room that is not symmetrical. Then there is the spousal factor, which may keep you from putting the speakers where they need to be. In this column we will start to look at how to overcome some of these real world problems. This time we’ll look at how I dealt with a client’s room (let’s call him Bob) without having to go there to measure it. For you, that translates directly into a do it yourself project. We’re starting off with a fairly easy one today, a room that has a minimum of symmetrical problems. We’ll work our way into the big problems in the ...
Saturday, 01 March 2003 ,  Written by Bob Hodas
AV Education on RHT Sound Tips 5 By Bob Hodas So, in the last column, we had just gotten my speakers placed. Figure 1 shows the room layout once again. The five gray boxes are the L/C/R & Surrounds. The two black boxes are the LFE subs. The turquoise items in the lower right corner are my equipment racks. As stated in the last column, music is my primary focus. I therefore have my discrete surrounds set up in the rear, with the L/R/S in a modified equilateral set-up. This follows the DTS recommendation more than the ITU, since most recording studios are not following the ITU recommendation to date. Remember that these are set-up recommendations, not standards! I have also found (as have many engineers) that film soundtracks translate to discrete rears much better than 5.1 music translates to split surrounds or dipole/bipole-style speakers. So if you want to listen to a lot of ...
Saturday, 01 February 2003 ,  Written by Bob Hodas
AV Education on RHT Sound Tips 6 By Bob Hodas This month we are going to finish looking at my room. In Sound Tips 4 & 5, we addressed my speaker placement and acoustic treatments. We are now going to look at the final issue, the icing on the cake, equalization. Now, I know that word, “equalization,” strikes fear and loathing into the hearts of many audiophiles, but hey, let’s get real. If you have a home theater, you should know that almost every commercial movie theater in existence uses EQ (equalization). Every dubbing stage (film mixing studio) uses EQ. All of the places doing high-end film audio remixes for DVD release, like Mi Casa Multimedia (which works with New Line on films such as “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy), uses EQ. In fact, the Mi Casa guys are so tweaky about the sound in their rooms that I have a lifelong gig ...
Saturday, 01 February 2003 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
title: How to Integrate Digital High-Resolution Multi-Channel Playback Into Your High-End Two-Channel Sound System Without Compromise category: Feature Articles review date: February 2003 reviewed by: Jerry Del Colliano How to Integrate Digital High-Resolution Multi-Channel Playback Into Your High-End Two-Channel Sound System Without Compromise With two new high-resolution formats causing all sorts of controversy, audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike are getting increasingly curious about how one or both of these formats will work into their lofty stereo systems. As many of us having tens (or in some cases hundreds) of thousands of dollars invested in stereo gear, the decision to make sweeping changes to a finely tuned high-performance stereo music playback system cannot be taken lightly.
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