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Friday, 01 November 2002 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
Sony SCD-C555ES SACD/CD Changer
Introduction I doubt Sony could have imagined the impact the invention of the Compact Disc would have on their company and project partner Philips. For nearly 20 years, the CD has been the absolute king of prerecorded music in the marketplace, having decisively beaten the LP and the cassette tape, then fending off new format threats from DAT, DCC and even Sony’s own mini-Disc. We have loved and collected the CD for an entire generation, but the times, they are a-changing. The advent and popular acceptance of MP3 as a music format now allows a music enthusiast to arrange and share (or potentially steal) music in ways not even remotely dreamed of a mere five years ago. This reality, coupled with a never-before-seen creative recession on the part of new artists and their record labels (try stomaching ‘N Sync, O Town, Justin Timberlake, et al as examples) hasn’t helped the historically "recession proof" record business ...
Monday, 01 July 2002 ,  Written by Tim Hart
Yamaha CRW3200 LightSpeed3 CD-RW Recorder
Introduction CD-R and CD-RW technology continues to offer faster ways of recording and archiving media, whether it be copying MP3 files, burning copies of your favorite CDs for your personal use or backing up your computer files, just to name a few. Yamaha’s latest offering, the CRW3200, addresses the need for speed with a CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-ROM drive that has the capability to write data at a blazing 24x. Able to rewrite at 10x and read at 40x, the CRW3200 will also support a wide variety of formats such as CD-DA, CD TEXT, CD-ROM, Mixed Mode CD-ROM (CD-ROM and CD-DA), CD-ROM XA, photo CD, Video CD, CD-i, and CD EXTRA. The CRW3200 is also the first kid on the block with CD-MRW (CD Mount Rainier Rewrite) format. This format allows much easier manipulation of your CD-RW data, eliminating the need for special applications or proprietary drivers to be able to read the disc to ...
Saturday, 01 June 2002 ,  Written by Brian Kahn
Myryad Z110 CD Player and Z140 Integrated Amplifier
Introduction The Z110 CD Player and Z140 Integrated Amplifier are part of the new Z-Series, the latest line from the venerable British electronics company, Myryad. The Z-Series is designed to be an affordable performance product in aesthetically pleasing clothes. Both the Z110 CD Player ($849) and the Z140 Integrated Amplifier ($895) feature attractive silver faceplates that feature a slim profile measuring 17 inches wide by three inches tall. A horizontal accent line bisects the front panels of both units. The front panel of the Z140 is dominated by a black conical volume control knob in the center of the panel. The metal knob features a finger-sized indentation for ease of use. The left side of the panel features the Myryad logo. Along the center line, there a small black standby button and an indicator light that glows red for standby and green when powered up. To the right of the volume control, also along the center line, ...
Wednesday, 01 May 2002 ,  Written by Tim Hart
NAD T 571 DVD/CD/MP3 Changer
Introduction The choices for high-performance gear in the moderate price range have drastically improved in recent years. By improving on parts and build quality and giving us practical features that make sense yet cost less, manufacturers are making it easier to improve our systems without breaking the bank. With a little knowledge, you can garner a component that will meet your budget and exceed performance requirements, yet not leave you lacking in the feature category, all for a reasonable price. One component worthy of consideration is the NAD T 571 five disc DVD/CD/MP3 changer. The T 571 is 17-3/16 inches wide, 4-7/16 inches high, and 16-3/16 inches deep, with a MSRP of $799.00. The T 571 will play DVDs and CDs, as well as CD-RWs and CD-Rs. It will even decode MP-3 music files on either of the recordable CD formats. It also can deal with a mix of DVDs and CDs, as well ...
Monday, 01 April 2002 ,  Written by Brian Kahn
Yamaha CDR-HD1000 CD Recorder
Introduction Yamaha’s new CD recorder, the CDR-HD1000 ($999), combines a CD player/recorder with a 20 GB hard drive. The hard drive is designed to enable fast copying, editing and creation of compilations. The 20 GB drive can hold approximately 30 CDs’ worth of music with no compression. That’s right, this unit, unlike the majority of CD recorder/hard drive combination units on the market, maintains the audio quality of the original source by eliminating the use of compression. In addition to using the internal CD drive as a source, it is possible to use external digital sources via the optical or coaxial inputs. The Yamaha can accept digital signals sampled at 96 kHz, 46 kHz, 44.1 kHz or 32 kHz, allowing for a wide variety of source media to be used. The Yamaha also has analog inputs and 24 bit A/D converters for analog sources. Essentially, any source can be used and the user can ...
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