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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 ,  Written by Donald Tibbs
Transparent PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner
The BasicsEssential to sensitive electrical equipment, power conditioners like the Transparent PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner delivers “clean” AC power for both personal and business use. Although sporting a minimalist design with a sleek curved form, the PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner is built with a solid, aluminum body. The PowerWave 10 provides a high-level of performance at a suggested retail price of $1,695. The PowerWave 10 is very similar in looks to the smaller PowerWave 8. However, looks are where the comparison ends since the PowerWave 10’s powerful 10 high-current, grounded and noise-filtering surge-protected outlets provide so much more than its predecessors. In addition, you will find it can create better isolation with its five filtered outlet banks. These features are 100% unique in the current market for home theater power conditioners and sound systems. Furthermore, you will find features like ...
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 ,  Written by Andrew Robinson
Ultralink Powergrid PGX-500 Power Isolator
Introduction In our quest for the best loudspeaker or high-definition video image, one area we often neglect, which can have a substantial impact on both sonic and visual performance, is power.  I’ve been guilty of it in the past, as I’m sure many of you have.  While many AV components work just fine plugged directly into a standard wall outlet or a simple surge suppressor, one cannot discount the importance of feeding your gear good, clean power.  After all, you don’t see finely-tuned athletes downing 40-ounce malt liquors or Big Macs between quarters or events, do you?  However, power products, like many AV accessories, are plagued with the ever-present snake-oil argument by manufacturers, who make bold claims that are often hard to substantiate and/or discern.  I’ve seen my share of power products that fall into this category and have even purchased ...
Thursday, 01 May 2008 ,  Written by Andrew Robinson
Transparent PowerWave 8 Surge Protector
Introduction Transparent Audio’s cables are the making of an audiophile dream. While I have been a customer for many years now, there is one area of Transparent’s product line that I have not yet bought into: AC power. I believe in power and power cables, but I have never been able to bring myself to justify spending gobs of money on what I can only view as thicker shrink-wrapping. I get asked about power a lot, and many products come my way that promise the moon but never deliver even Earth orbit. So when Josh Clark, Transparent’s chief product designer, called me in regard to their power products, I was a bit apprehensive, but still willing to give it a shot. Unlike other power products and companies, Josh simply asked that I play around with it and see what I think. ...
Friday, 01 February 2008 ,  Written by Ken Taraszka, MD
PurePower APS PurePower 700 Power Regenerator
Introduction Power is an elusive beast for the audio and video enthusiast. If you live in the United States, each and every AV component you have ever bought was designed to run on 120-volt 60 Hz power. Sure, they can function when your AC power doesn’t exactly meet this specification, but at a cost, and that cost can be quite pricey in top-performing systems. Many of us who are looking to the last areas of improvement in our home theater systems have run dedicated power lines to our rooms with hopes of limiting noise on the incoming AC, thus affecting our sound and allowing our components to get all the power they need. However, I live in Florida and, quite frankly, our power outright sucks. We frequently get spikes, over and under voltages, brownouts, and let’s not forget the noise seen, ...
Saturday, 01 April 2006 ,  Written by Bryan Southard
Transparent Audio PowerIsolator 8 Power Conditioner
Introduction Power improvement products are not easy for average consumers to get their minds around. There are many different philosophies on how to do it right, with few agreeing on what’s best. Questions on power correction come my way quite often, with most people wondering if they even need better AC and, if so, how much they need to spend to fix the problem. To exacerbate the issue, bad power is not always something that you hear and can determine needs improving, but rather an area that, once you correct it, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to fix. The Transparent PowerIsolator 8 is a reference-level power-conditioning device that provides eight hospital-grade outlets for your precious AV gear. It is available only in a black-brushed finish and retails for $2,995. The Transparent PowerIsolator 8 is a much sleeker-looking product than ...
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