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Editor's rating: 
Monday, 29 August 2011 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Prom (2011) “Prom” is, to put it mildly, a watered-down teen dramatic comedy.  There is nothing original here and nothing to really teach teens.  The story is about the abysmal life of high school and the juvenile problematic relationships of youths. The film follows a few teens of different backgrounds and different clicks.  Nova (Aimee Teegarden) is the primary character and she is the popular nerd of the school.  She is the class president and the chair of the committee for senior prom.  At the same time she is still popular.  When the carelessness of a womanizing lacrosse player results in the burning of the shed containing all the prom decorations, Nova is paired with trouble young man, Jesse (Thomas McDonell) to rebuild all the decorations within three weeks. The two of them are at each other’s throats at the beginning and begin to ...
Editor's rating: 
Monday, 16 May 2011 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Misfits, The (1961) I fear that “The Misfits” is really known for all the troubles on and off set rather than its greatness as a film.  Personally, I found the film does not hold up well over time and that the acting has taken on a bit of what nowadays we would call “over-acting.” “The Misfits” is probably best known for the fact that it is the last film completed by Marilyn Monroe and the last film ever by Clark Gable, who died shortly after filming finished.  Monroe’s death occurred roughly two years after the completion of the film, but with her health on the decline even during the production of “The Misfits.” For me, the film keeps women at bay, always trying to keep her in her “place,” which is apparently as a house servant.  There are numerous underlying thematic elements in this film, ...
Editor's rating: 
Friday, 11 March 2011 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
127 Hours (2010) “127 Hours,” as you probably known by now was heralded as one of 2010’s best, but underrated films.  James Franco was given the star credit of the film, and as far as I am concerned deserved the Oscar for Best Actor over Colin Firth.  But period films will always win. The film is a inspirational and yet frightening tale of survival.  There is only one question that you will ask yourself during this film.  Would I have the guts to do that?  Aron Ralston is an outdoors adventurer that moonlights as an engineer, something that unfortunately doesn’t really come in handy in his predicament, though he tries. In 2003 Ralston journeyed through the canyons in Utah, telling no one of his destination.  Despite meeting two beautiful women he finds himself trapped.  Misjudging the stability of a boulder, Ralston tumbles down a crevice ...
Editor's rating: 
Thursday, 17 February 2011 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Conviction (2010) “Conviction” is a bit of a “I can’t make up my mind about it” film.  It has its great moments, its good moments and its not so good moments.  Still, the impact of the story is there and the cast does a tremendous job of giving the audience a real sense of the time. The film is supposed to be about the story of Betty Anne Waters, a rural housewife with a brother in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit.  In the early 1980s, Kenny Waters was convicted of brutally stabbing and murdering a neighborhood woman.  The always close relationship between Betty Anne and Kenny provides for some tear-jerker moments.  It also is the basis for the film’s title – Conviction.  Betty Anne is determined to prove Kenny’s innocence and right a terrible injustice. I’ll admit that the story does ...
Editor's rating: 
Monday, 14 February 2011 |  Written by Noah Fleming  | 
Thelma & Louise (20th Anniversary) (1991) When we think of Ridley Scott productions we think of “Blade Runner” and “Alien.”  But Scott also made a name for himself with 1991’s cinematic female adventure, “Thelma & Louise.”  Many have viewed this film as a turning point for women in cinema.  Still, there are others that insist that “Thelma & Louise” does nothing but bow to the whims of men.  You can decide for yourselves. “Thelma & Louise” brings together two powerful actresses in roles that are typically given to men.  Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis give performances that define a decade.  The transformation of these women that takes place over the course of the film is strong and solidly formed. Geena Davis stars as Thelma, a chaotic, busy with nowhere to go woman with a deadbeat husband.  Susan Sarandon is Louise, an uptight career waitress that is remarkably organized.  ...
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