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Tuesday, 19 August 2003 ,  Written by
TERK Technologies has just launched the AMP-15. With the growing popularity of broadband cable, cable modems and off-air HDTV antennas, the typical connected home has a multiple of TV sets and broadband cable devices including cable modems, voice-over-data, video-on-demand, pay-per-view, and set-top boxes - all being used at the same time. The TERK AMP-15 is a high-performance 15dB amplifier designed specifically to improve the signal strength needed for broadband cable and UHF/VHF/FM/HDTV antenna reception. Since there are numerous obstacles that can degrade performance, such as signals being weakened when they are split into multiple paths or by long cable runs, the AMP-15 is for consumers who face these challenges.
Tuesday, 12 August 2003 ,  Written by
With DVD player penetration surpassing even the highest expectations, the time has come for a digital video program that appropriately addresses such a large audience. Following the success of the original, best-selling “Video Essentials” calibration disc—having sold over 300,000 units—comes “Digital Video Essentials,” from DVD International and Joe Kane Productions. The long-awaited DVD will be available on September 2nd, in both NTSC and PAL versions, at a suggested retail price of $24.99. The companies will also distribute a high definition D-VHS tape, in both 720p and 1080i formats, for HDTV D-Theater owners.
Tuesday, 11 February 2003 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
The big hurdle for the creation of more native HDTV content on TV has been the cost of the cameras and the production studios. While not necessarily up to the ultimate broadcast standards for HDTV, JVC has introduced a $3,500 camcorder that can record 720p HDTV. Editing is strangely done in the Windows XP environment with bundled software– not Macintosh which is more of the video editing industry’s computer of choice. The JVC GR-HD1 camcorder gives home video enthusiasts a way to get personally recorded content to their HDTV systems and even archived on their D-VHS VCRs which are also sold by JVC and can playback prerecorded HDTV movies. The GR-HD1 doesn’t always need record in 720. It can be set to record in the standard 480i format which is more compatible with TVs. The recorder hooks up to computers and other devices via Firewire.
Tuesday, 04 February 2003 ,  Written by
Accurate Imaging Technologies made headlines at CES with their latest CRT-based projection system that uses technology that keeps the video signal completely in the digital domain from DVD to the projector. The Digital Pathway concept avoids the constant up and down, analog to digital to analog, conversions at every stage of the video chain, which can degrade the overall picture quality. This Digital Pathway concept makes it possible for an entry-level 8-inch CRT projector to surpass the picture quality often associated with 9-inch models using very expensive outboard processors. Using their $37,000 system, which consists of an 8-inch CRT projector with their new internal scaler card (no outboard video processor AKA: “a line doubler”), an exclusive DVD player with a pure digital output, Accurate Imaging’s off-site exhibit had critics talking.
Tuesday, 25 June 2002 ,  Written by
Madrigal announced the introduction of its fifth generation surround processor, the Proceed AVP2 priced from $6,495. Built as a replacement for the widely acclaimed AVP (Audio Video Preamplifier), the AVP2 is the first Proceed component to benefit directly from the intense development program of the US $30,000 Mark Levinson Nº40 Media Console.
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