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Friday, 04 April 2003 ,  Written by Jerry Del Colliano
Backwards compatibility of the new audio formats has been a highly sought-after feature in the ongoing new audio format war. DVD-Audio discs are backwards compatible via the default tracks, which can be Dolby Digital, DTS Surround, or something like DTS 24-96 stereo tracks. Pure DSD SACDs are not very compatible with anything other than dedicated SACD players, but the increasingly popular hybrid SACDs (for example, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and the Rolling Stones SACDs) have an actual Red Book CD layer that makes the hybrid SACD actually play back on hundreds of millions of compact disc players located in music systems, home theaters, Walkmen, car audio systems and beyond. This has resulted in a good first week for Dark Side on SACD, which consultants for Sony say sold over 20,000 copies in its first week. Some reports have the numerous Rolling Stone SACD hybrid titles selling over 1,000,000 copies total. In ...
Friday, 07 February 2003 ,  Written by
The topic of hybrid discs is a hot one in the music business all of a sudden. Hybrid SACD discs which are currently available on a limited number of releases (Rolling Stones Titles for example) allow a level of backwards compatibility with over 500,000,000 existing Compact Disc players. The DVD-Audio camp is now hot on the trail with a hybrid discs of their own and according to online publication Sona Press (a company owned by BMG) now has a working model of the hybrid DVD disc. The significance of both the SACD and DVD-Audio hybrid projects is that they appeal to a mainstream audience because of their backwards compatibility. Record labels have become quickly interested in hybrid discs because of their ability to better protect their copywritten material on a consumer music format that also offers more performance and value than the aging and easily bootlegged CD.
Thursday, 14 November 2002 ,  Written by
This Saturday, I stopped by my local Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to do a little Christmas shopping for myself with the hopes of coming home with some new SACD and DVD-Audio titles. More depressing than the weak selection of SACD and DVD-Audio titles was the reaction I got from the manager when I politely pointed out to him that there were DVD-Video titles in the DVD-Audio section. After a laborious and highly technical explanation of the differences between the two formats and why the DVD-Video titles would be better displayed separately or in the music oriented DVD-Video section – he responded “if it plays in a DVD player then it is DVD-Audio.” That scared me.
Friday, 08 November 2002 ,  Written by
You’d be hard-pressed to find a record executive these days who would argue that the popularity of the CD isn’t waning. The battle over the next audio format has been a bloody one so far, with DVD-Audio and SACD fighting it out but neither yet really winning the hearts - and more importantly the wallets - of music-buying consumers.
Tuesday, 22 October 2002 ,  Written by Bryan Dailey
Silverline Records, Dolby Laboratories and United Airlines have teamed up this holiday season to bring 5.1 Surround Sound music to all passengers on overseas 777 flights this November and December. Utilizing the airlines in-flight entertainment system, passengers will be able to listen to a selection of tracks from Silverline Records repertoire of DVD-Audio discs. Although the audio feed will only be a 16-bit simulation of DVD-Audio, Dolby’s Headphone technology will be used to create the surround sound effect. Dolby Headphone uses an advanced algorithm that processes multi-channel as well as two-channel content to create a surround sound listening experience with a standard pair of headphones. Dolby Headphone has been already used successfully on in-flight movies and this is the first time the technology has been used for in-flight music. Tracks included on the "Rhythms of the World" in-flight DVD-Audio program are "Small ...
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