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Lost - The Complete Sixth Season (2010) Print E-mail
Monday, 23 August 2010
ImageOkay, "Lost," without a doubt" has had a tremendous impact on television primetime development and pop culture.  However, I for one don't get it.  I have never been a "Lost" fan and nor will I be.  Thus, this review is going to comprise mainly of information on disc features and quality.

So, this is it, the last season of "Lost."  Thank goodness.  No longer will I have to see promos for the show.  But that is just me.  I'm not going to criticize the show.  It obviously has millions of fans so something must be attractive about it.  Therefore, those that are already fans don't need me to talk about how good the show is and nor will they accept arguments for why the show is not all it is cracked up to be.

While I have not watched more than a few minutes of "Lost," the word on the street is that it has rarely ever let fans down across its six seasons.  So, for that I must respect the show.  I will not summarize the season because those interested in this Blu-ray have likely already watched the season.

While the premise and duration of this show is not to my taste, it is undeniable that this Blu-ray set contains a top-notch video presentation.  "Lost" has been the one television show that has been released on Blu-ray in its entirety and has never ranked lower than slightly less than perfect.  This final season is no exception.  Unlike other TV shows on Blu-ray, like "Heroes," "Lost" does not suffer from inconsistencies.  The black levels are spot on throughout each of the episodes.  There are a couple instances in which the mid-blacks struggle during some of the darkest night sequences.  However, I don't think this has anything to do with the transfer.  In fact, any little issues I found in the video throughout the season seemed to trace back to the original production video.  Grain and noise has been retained, nor DNR here.  Details and textures are beyond excellent.  Close-ups contain fine facial details.  The jungle is as impressive as ever.  The greens are lush, the blue ocean is deep.  Foreground and background objects retain their composition no matter what the contents are.  Contrast and brightness levels are nicely matched.  For a weekly TV show it is surprising how consistent and rich the image quality is.
As to be expected, the final season of "Lost" comes to Blu-ray with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 tracks for each episode.  Based on the past seasons of "Lost" on Blu-ray, the show has been very consistent in sound design.  And furthermore, the audio tracks included on these discs are superb.  Dialogue is clean and clear.  Unlike "Baywatch," "Lost" comes with excellently mixed ADR.  Even with the lossless audio tracks, detecting ADR lines requires a trained ear.  The LFE channel is powerful but works perfectly with the rest of the frequency range.  I don't think there has been any other TV show on Blu-ray that has delivered as much LFE response as this collection.  Even many modern action films can't compete with the tightness of the bass in "Lost."  Dynamics are limited by the standards used to mix television.  However, the dynamics are far greater than any broadcast of the show.  The surround activity is immersive and direct throughout.  Discreet effects are perfectly placed and panned in the surround soundscape.  Ambience is enveloping and nicely balanced.  More often then not you will forget that you are watching a television episode as the caliber of these DTS-HD MA tracks stands proudly with some of the best feature films.

Previous Blu-ray releases of "Lost" have set precedence for great bonus materials.  This final season boxset does a great job, but doesn't take it above and beyond.  There are other bonus materials for the season, but to get these you have to purchase the Complete Collection of the show on Blu-ray, being released simultaneously with this season.  This five-disc set contains but four audio commentaries.  Fans will likely wish there was more, but what is given in these four commentaries is extensive.  Commentaries are available on the episodes "LA X," "Across the Sea," "Dr. Linus" and "Ab Aeterno" by a variety of crew and cast members.  This is the second time that "Lost" comes with "Lost University," a BD-Live feature that promises to hold hours upon hours of more bonus materials.  "Lost in 8:15 - A Crash Course" is an eight-minute recap of the series.  "The New Man In Charge" is a controversial featurette addressing the state in which the show ends.  "Creating A Final Season" is a basic production featurette that covers the creation process.  "A Hero's Journey" is another series recap.  "Lost On Location" is a popular featurette that includes standard making-of scenes for some of the episodes.  The boxset also includes some deleted scenes, bloopers and Season Play technology.

"Lost" isn't for everyone but fans will no doubt be clamoring for this boxset and for good reason.  The audio and video qualities are close to perfection.  Recommended for fans.  If you think that you might become a fan then I recommend just going for the complete collection Blu-ray set.

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