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Sex Drive (Unrated and Cream-filled) Print E-mail
Friday, 06 March 2009
ImageWith all due respect to Harry Knowles who wrote, "This isn't an imitator, it is, in fact, the real deal, a hilarious, original sex comedy that you really, must seek out," this film is in fact not.  "Sex Drive" is the next evolution of "American Pie" and "Road Trip."  There is nothing original about this film.  Nonetheless, "Sex Drive" does offer some comic relief to the masses.

The story is the familiar, boy tries to get laid, boy realizes he loves girl friend, but girl friend loves boy's best friend, but then realizes she loves boy.  Both are afraid that it will ruin their friendship.  Yawn.  The only thing that makes this movie interesting to watch are the situations the actors get themselves into and their resolutions.

Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is a typical hopeless romantic high school student, perhaps post-high school.  That part is unclear.  Anyway, Ian is having an Internet relationship with Ms. Tasty.  Meanwhile he works at a donut shop in the middle of the city's mall and everyone in his family thinks he is gay.  Ian is made out to be so pathetic that the girl he likes, with whom he works, shows up at his house to make out with his younger, 14 year-old brother.  Yikes.

Ian's best guy friend, Lance (Clark Duke) is a pudgy little guy that apparently has so much sex appeal that every woman that walks by is completely enamored with him.  In fact, Ian's best friend, Felicia (Amanda Crew) is smitten with him.  Of course she doesn't tell Ian, at first.  Turns out that Lance knows of Felicia's affection for him, but he makes it clear to Ian that he would never do that to him.  He also knows that Ian has feelings for Felicia, but makes it clear to him that she has no romantic feelings for him.  Nonetheless, the couple does end up together as is predictable.

Ms Tasty invites Ian to Knoxville, writing, "If you come all the way for me, I'll go all the way for you."  Thing is, Ian must show up in the 1969 GTO owned by his older brother, Rex (James Marsden).  Rex just so happens to be leaving for a dirt bike expedition.  Ian managaes to steal the spare key and he and Lance head for Knoxville.  Road bump, Felicia catches them on the way out and joins them for the ride.  Of course, she is under the impression that they are going to visit Ian's grandma who apparently has cancer.

Along the way, Lance gets the gang in trouble with a hillbilly woman with a jealous ex-boyfriend.  Upon escaping, the car blows a gasket and they are stuck on the side of a road with a creepy hitchhiker.  In order to get up and running the trio piss in the radiator, which is just funny in its own right.  Unfortunately, so some reason that eludes me, pissing in the radiator didn't work.  Along comes Ezekiel (Seth Green) an Amish gentlemen that seems to belong to a not so Amish sect.  They tow, via horse and buggy, the car back to the Amish community.  Ezekiel just happens to be an expert car mechanic and works to fix the car. Meanwhile, the gang is attending a concert in the Amish community.  The gang finally kicks to Knoxville where Ian is going to meet Ms Tasty at Big Boy.  This is where the audience gets a pleasant surprise in the plot.  I won't give it away.

The film is film with smartass remarks and interesting scenarios.  The plot is stereotypical of a sex comedy, but it delivered in a great way.  You won't be disappointed.  Seth Green is a great comic in the film.  Lance is just hilarious.  Sadly, the two lead characters don't exude much presence in the cast.  James Marsden is by far the best in the entire film.  His rants and tough guy act are just terrific.

The image quality is as to be expected.  This low-budget comedy does not claim much in the way of video quality.  Still, the overall image is eye catching.  The colors are bold, but lack popping due to an inconsistent black level.  Shadow delineation is okay, but is also inconsistent.  Details and textures are not the greatest, but adequate for this low-budget comedy.  There is no edge enhancement, as the edges look a bit jagged at times.  Overall the image is on par, but does not succeed with flying colors.

Once again, studios are neglecting lossless audio tracks.  "Sex Drive" comes with only a Dolby Digital 5.1 track.  The compression is extremely noticeable after listening nonstop to uncompressed DTS and Dolby tracks.  The audio track lacks any type of presence.  The dynamics are squashed due to the compression.  The GTO doesn't have the same punch as it would on a lossless track.  The surround channels have some ambience and the occasional panned sound effect.  Overall, the track is front-heavy.  The dialogue is understandable, but it sometimes feels too far away in the mix.  Bass is adequate for this comedy film.  The sound design in terms of the level of bass is inconsistent.  Some sequences contain nice low frequency content and then other times have hardly any when the scene is more explosive than the previous.  Still, it is solid presentation for the budget.

The Blu-ray release comes with both the theatrical R-rated cut of the film and an unrated version.  The unrated version is introduced by the directors of the film and a couple of nude models.  The unrated cut has 20 more minutes of footage, random nude men/women on screen, ad libs and outtakes.  The filmmakers intended the unrated cut to just be silly and that the theatrical cut is the real film to watch.

In terms of special features, there is a filmmaker audio commentary with director/co-writer Sean Anders, producer/co-writer John Morris and producer Bob Levy.  The commentary is funny and should get a listen when you have nothing better to do.  "'Sex Drive:' Making a Masterpiece" is a standard making-of featurette.  "The Marsden Dilemma" takes a look at Marsden's character.  "Clark: Duke of the Internet" takes a look at the legend that is Lance.  That's all.

"Sex Drive" has a familiar plot, but it is pulled off in such a way that makes the film interesting and joy to watch.  The video and audio quality are decent enough.  Don't expect reference material, but it is better than a standard DVD for sure.  I can honestly recommend this film.

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