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Little Fockers (2010) Print E-mail
Monday, 11 April 2011
ImageOh dearie my.  Have we really reached the point in which a moderately successful first film and less than appealing second film gets the green light for a third (and hopefully final) disastrous film.  Seriously.  What were the studio, writers, director, and actors thinking with this one.  There is absolutely nothing here folks.

I can tell you, looking you dead in the eyes, that I did not laugh once during this film.  I didn’t even come close.  I couldn’t even crack a smile.  I sat writhing in pain in my seat.  I tried to figure if there was any way to get through the film on double speed.  Unfortunately, not.  And it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  I warn you now, stay far away from this title.  You will lose more than just 98 minutes of your life, you will lose any notion that you once had a sense of humor.

“Little Fockers” is the most redundant sequel I have seen yet.  On top of that it is filled with loose ends and ridiculous fights.  After eight years, Greg and Jack still doubt each other, always trying to find a way to remove each other from their life.  At least “Meet The Fockers” introduced a new element, the other half of the family.  Now in the third we are left with brief and meaningless appearances by the Focker half of the family and the addition of two 5 year-old Focker twins.

Jack’s suspicions of Greg are unfounded and routine.  The actors seemingly tried to get through the shooting of this film as quickly as possible.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the performances are the only thing keeping this film from getting a zero.  If it were based on the screenwriting the film would get negative one thousand.  It is just that cliché and redundant. Not only have we seen it all before in other films but we have seen the same motivations within the series itself.  Jack is suspicious of Greg cheating on Pam.  Jack tries to work his retired spy ways.  Dina tries to ground Jack.  Pam falls by the wayside her and has virtually no role whatsoever other than to stand there and let her father tell her that Greg is no good for her, yet again.  Oh, and the topping on this cake is that Kevin returns with the same mantra about Pam, Greg’s same jealousy of Kevin and Pam, Jack’s same love for Kevin, etc.  Sorry, but I can’t dumb myself down enough to continue discussing the film itself.  Just take my advice and steer clear of this one.  Oh, one other thing, Jessica Alba joins the cast as the trouble-making, insanely hot drug representative trying to have an affair with Greg after they bond over an enema.

In terms of the Blu-ray video quality, it seems that the studio wanted to get this title out as quickly as possible, washing their hands of it as well.  The video quality is underwhelming for such a new film.  Chalk it up to whatever you like, there is no excuse for a film this new to be so lackluster.  This isn’t really the fault of the studio.  It is a result of the overcooked original source material.  The colors are baked and the contrast fluctuates, all part of the original source.  Colors go from sepia to Hawaiian in back to back sequences.  The black levels lack resolution, swallowing up details in their path.  The technical part of the transfer is appeasing.  There is no real artifacting to speak of, spare some minor ringing here and there.  Soft shots creep up here and there, but details are fairly strong.  Overall, this presentation suffers from the original source material rather than the transfer.

The audio quality is in the same boat here.  Realizing the outcome of the film, it seems that the audio was shipped in and out of the soundstage in a hurry.  There is a lack of any reall envelopment in the surround channels.  In fact, you would be hard pressed to note you have any surround channels.  The dialogue is a bit unequal, moving from muddy to crisp and back throughout the film.  More EQ work was needed with the dialogue to fine-tune the presence factor.  The LFE channel is non-existent.  Panning is maintained in the front channels, but falls subject to spectral splitting when attempting to move into the surround channels.  However, there is not much of that here.  The best part of the audio track, and for the entirety of the film for that matter, is the Focker Remix on YouTube during the end credits.  There is some nice surround movement, although cheesy, when the remix goes into a loop repeating the phrase “circle of trust.”

The supplemental package here is quick and dirty.  There are a few deleted scenes, ten in fact, all wisely cut from the final product.  There alternate scenes, including an alternate ending and opening.  Again, nicely excised.  There is a not so funny Gag Reel.  “The Making Of A Godfocker” is a typical EPK.  “Bob And Ben” is a sit down with De Niro and Stiller and “Ben And Owen” with Stiller and Wilson.  “Bout Time” covers the fistfight between Jack and Greg.  “The Focker Foot Locker” is still behind my comprehension.  Lastly, there is a DVD/Digital Copy of the film.

“Little Fockers” is perhaps the worst film of 2010.  The front of the package may read “#1 Comedy Blockbuster,” but off the top of my head I can think of no less than a dozen comedies from 2010 that brought better laughs to the table.  The audio and video qualities are decent for the genre, but far from really high-definition material, mainly due to the original source material.  Skip this one folks.

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