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Knight And Day (2010) Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 December 2010
ImageSo, after a short break it is back to action/adventure films.  "Knight And Day" is the stereotypical action mixed with romance adventure.  Sure it has a couple twists, but inevitably as an audience we don't care.  The filmmakers spent more time on the action than they did in creating a story with a solid flow that keeps the audience engaged as to what could possibly happen next.

The premise of the film is lacking.  It is something about a perpetual energy battery that some people after and supposedly Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) is protecting, along with the young genius creator.  We are never really sure who the bad guys are, if there really are any, and nor are we made to seem to care.  The film is more about the on again off again relationship between Roy and June (Cameron Diaz).  Sometimes she accepts his help, other times she runs away and yet other times she forces her way into the situation.  It is truly a hodgepodge of connections.

Tom Cruise doesn't seem to travel very far from his "Mission Impossible" character.  In fact this film could be a cross between "Mission Impossible," "Bourne Identity," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," and any number of Bond films.  Cruise isn't unlikeable here, but he does portray a character that we just shrug our shoulders and say, "whatever."  Guys will inevitably be waiting for the brief moments of Diaz in a bikini.  The only thing that really kept me interested here was the witty banter between Diaz and Cruise.  Still, they don't share near a strong connection to pull it off versus Pitt and Jolie in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

So, as I mentioned earlier, Miller is being hunted by CIA operatives, that may or may not have gone rogue as well as various international arms dealers, particularly one from Spain.  As with all action thrillers that involve chases, we are unsure as to Miller's real motives and whether we have it backwards and Miller is the bad guy.  Unfortunately, the filmmakers follow a cookie cutter plot unfold so when we get to that point it is another "whatever" moment since we already deduced Miller may be bad at the beginning.
Somehow June gets involved.  Her role in the film was started with a very weak moment, making her role in the rest of the film awkward.  At the very least that could have made it so that it turns out she was a counter spy.  They almost indicate that at the end but don't quite finish it off.  June is car restorer that just happens to get drawn into the mix.

"Knight And Day" has some high octane moments, but overall the pace and sequence of events leave the audience shrugging their shoulders.  So, for some of you out there is precisely the film for you as just a silly action romance.  Sure it has its time and place, but it certainly isn't a film that I will give a second thought after this.  Essentially, its repeatability is low.

It is too bad that the film isn't better, because the video transfer is near perfect.  You can certainly use this disc for reference shots.  The colors are eye-popping.  The lush tropics of Miller's island, the bleak but beautiful snow-covered Alps of Austria and the warm and glowing oranges of Spain all showcase magnificent imagery.  The black levels create a solid depth that is only interrupted by the filmmakers' visual style of in/out of focus to communicate the characters' drugged status.  Details and textures have terrific presence.  Every costume is well defined, skin texture can through intense scrutiny and environments, such as beach sand are finely resolved.  This video transfer is darn near perfect.  There is just a touch of softness here and there and perhaps for some a bit high contrast level in some shots.

Likewise, the audio nears perfection.  As to be expected with such an action thriller, the audio track is full of life.  The surround usage is tremendous.  Panning and directionality is almost always spot on.  The detail of sound is not quite as good as a few of the reference audio tracks out there, but quiet sequences still hold their own.  Laid back sequences, of which there are relatively few, are still quiet detailed, just not quite perfected.  The dynamics are fairly even in regards to the action moments, with the exception of the major explosions.  Dialogue remains clear and weighty for the most part throughout.  All lines are clearly delivered.  The LFE channel is not quite as supple as I would have liked but it is used quite often throughout.  Ultimately, the only thing that I really longed for in this track was greater field separation.  On too many occasions sounds piled on top of each other.  Still, this is quite the aural experience.

The film comes to a nice Blu-ray package, but light on interesting special features.  There is no PiP or audio commentary track, which is a real bummer.  "Boston Days And Spanish Nights" is a location featurette.  "Wilder Nights And Crazier Days" is a basic making-of featurette.  "Knight and 'Someday'" is a feature with Cruise backstage with The Black Eyed Peas.  "Viral Video: Soccer" is a random clip of Diaz and Cruise playing soccer.  "Viral Video: Kick" Diaz kicks Cruise.  "Knight And Day: Story" is a basic overview of the plot.  "Knight And Day: Scope" is much of the same thing.  Lastly, the disc is BD-Live enabled with a brief featurette and contains a theatrical trailer.  This particular package comes with a Blu-ray disc, a DVD copy and a Digital Copy.

"Knight And Day" is nothing new but it can be entertaining if you let your mind go empty.  The video and audio transfers are excellent, limited mainly by the original production.  This is worth a look.

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