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Blue Streak Print E-mail
Friday, 28 November 2008
Image“Blue Streak” is a spin on cop movies.  It can definitely holds a candle to “Beverly Hills Cop.”  Martin Lawrence was definitely an in demand actor during the 1990s.  In addition to this film, he has starred in his own television series, “Martin” and co-starred in “Nothing to Lose” with Tim Robbins.  However, this film is one of his shining moments.  Even Roger Ebert praised this film.

The success of “Blue Streak” lies in the script and some of the acting.  Martin Lawrence’s performance is good, but a bit overly dramatic.  It wears thin on the viewer about half way through the film.  However, the then up and coming Luke Wilson turned out a great performance.

Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) is a bank robber that hires the wrong accomplice.  His accomplice, Deacon (Peter Greene) betrays him so Logan has no choice but to hide the stolen diamond in an air duct and surrender to the cops.  Two years later he is released from jail.  Rejected by his girlfriend, Logan turns his attention to recovering the hidden diamond.

Turns out he hid the diamond in a pre-constructed LAPD station.  After acquiring the necessary fake ID and paperwork, he proceeds to enter the 3rd floor of the LAPD building – robbery/homicide.  Assuming the name Detective Malone, he thinks he will be in and out.  However, one thing after another keeps getting in the way.  First, he gets caught in between an escaping convict and the arresting officers.  This draws attention to his presence.  He is assigned partnership with newbie Detective Carlson (Luke Wilson).  They immediately go out to investigate a robbery.  On the way back to the station, Logan is caught in the middle of a convenience store robbery.  Back at the police station, he is promoted to lead detective.  Eventually he is drawn into a robbery/drug bust. All the while, he keeps searching the air ducts for his missing diamond.  To cover himself as people find missing information in his background, Logan evolves from a detective to Internal Affairs to FBI to a Federale.  At the same time he is pretending to be a cop, his ex-partner Deacon is searching for him.  He eventually catches up with Logan in the midst of a drug bust.  The final showdown occurs at the US-Mexico border.

“Blue Streak” is presented on BD-25 Blu-ray disc with an AVC/MPEG-4 1080p encode.  The video quality is adequate.  The black levels are strong, however there is some minor crushing.  There is also a layer of film grain that is present throughout the film.  Some digital noise reduction was applied to the image causing some minor softness.  Details are not overly strong, however, there are several instances of rich textures.  There is no compression or digital artifacts.  Nor is there edge enhancement.  The colors are vibrant for most of the film.  The contrast is a little overblown in outdoor sequences.  My biggest issue with the image transfer would have to be the pale fleshtones.  All the color seems to have been drained from the skin’s appearance.  A decent Blu-ray transfer.

Sony presents us with a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio track.  I must say, that this is a tremendous audio experience for a 1999 action film.  From the very get go the sound was very strong.  The opening hip-hop song is crystal clear, with instruments discretely placed across all six channels.  There is not a huge dynamic range to the film, but there are few transitions from soft to loud.  Most of them were jarring transitions.  The dialogue is a bit uneven.  There are several instances in which the dialogue gets lost under music and sound effects.  The bass is good.  The explosions and music use the LFE channel a great deal.  Discrete sound effect placement in the surround channels is great, with spot on panning to match.

The special features included here are the same items present on the standard DVD.  First there is a featurette, “Setting Up For the Score.”  This is a typical behind the scenes featurette.  Next, there is an “HBO First Look” featurette.  Lastly, there are a couple of music videos by Jay-Z.  There a few Sony Pictures trailers as well.  The disc is also BD-Live enabled, however, there were no features available during the time of this review.

“Blue Streak” is entertaining.  However, Martin’s acting gets a bit over the top.  Still, the video and quality are far superior than the standard DVD.  This Blu-ray is recommend for its entertainment value and audio quality.  However, the video quality is only on-par with the films of its age.

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